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Find out what keywords your competitors are using

Reverse-search up to 10 ASINs and compare related organic and sponsored keywords. Use advanced filters to find the top-performing keywords for a group of competing ASINs and which keywords a product ranks for.

Get keyword insights with Keyword Scout

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Seamlessly optimize your listings

Easily transfer your listing data between 溜溜体育直播 and Seller Central. Import your listing, optimize it with top keywords, and sync it back to Seller Central. Our real-time Listing Optimization Score grades your listing based on proven metrics to drive sales.

Improve your listing with Listing Builder

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Track keyword performance over time

View keyword rank history for multiple keywords at the same time 鈥 all on one graph. Reverse-search a grouping of ASINs to see which keywords are influencing your listings and your competitors鈥.

View keyword rank with Rank Tracker

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Automate product review requests

Never miss the opportunity to earn a review. 溜溜体育直播鈥檚 Review Automation feature completely automates the Seller Central review request process so you can invest time back into your business. Ensure every eligible order gets sent a review request, track the request status, and even see how many hours you鈥檝e saved.

Get more product reviews with Review Automation

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Amazon Editorial Recommendations

Level up your business with a new, exclusive Amazon opportunity for high-volume sellers: Amazon Editorial Recommendations. Get more visibility for your product and increase its social proof while lowering your ACoS expenses.

  • Occupy more prime Amazon real estate
  • Drive more traffic and sales
  • Build brand awareness and trust
Boost sales nowAll at a set ACoS of 10%!
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Intelligently manage your inventory

Eliminate the stress of inventory planning and prevent stockouts. 溜溜体育直播鈥檚 demand forecasting tools harness data to predict market trends and seasonality. Our AI-powered inventory dashboard suggests optimal stocking levels, re-order dates, and re-order quantities.

Automate inventory planning with Inventory Manager

Evaluate your finances

Analyze the health of your Amazon business and see profits in real time. Create profit and loss statements, dive into PPC campaign analysis, and track hidden fees. View your finances quickly and easily, so you can feel confident in your product investment.

Get a full financial picture with Sales Analytics

More resources to help your business

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Opportunity Finder

Expand your product portfolio with opportunities based on high-demand and low-competition keywords

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Keep a watchful eye on your product鈥檚 performance and competition with customized product alerts 鈥 like changes in listing details, reviews, and price.

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Promotions & Email Campaigns

Earn more reviews and boost your product sales with promotions and targeted customer emails

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