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What is Academy?

Academy is the most comprehensive and actionable training program for selling on Amazon, built right into your 溜溜体育直播 account. From product research to managing your business, this resource and learning hub includes over 130 videos and covers every aspect of the seller journey with guidance from Amazon pros.

Lessons from 溜溜体育直播鈥檚 CEO

Academy鈥檚 industry-leading training is designed by 溜溜体育直播 founder and CEO Greg Mercer, an 8-figure Amazon seller and winner of Best Amazon Expert by Seller Awards.

Master Amazon at your own pace

If you鈥檙e new to selling on Amazon, Academy breaks down the basics with bite-sized tutorials. Launch and scale your business when you want with Academy鈥檚 on-demand content and interactive modules.

Attend live Q&A sessions

Ask our experts your toughest questions in live Q&As, join jumpstart sessions for new sellers, and participate in community forums and monthly livestream training.

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Sync with Extension

Easily add products as you search on Amazon with the Extension.

Sync with Product Tracker

Automatically add products to the Product Tracker in groups.

Export results to .CSV

Conveniently export your search results to a spreadsheet.

Search global marketplaces

Easily search for products in other Amazon marketplaces.

Product ranking

View a product鈥檚 Amazon ranking to help make your choice.

Profit calculator

Handy calculator to help show you all your product related fees.

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