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Halloween 2020 Will Be Extra Weird (If Amazon Product Sales Are Any Indicator)

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To continue the trend of a very strange year, Halloween festivities in 2020 will likely take some odd departures from autumns past.聽

To be sure, Amazon sales trends indicate that consumers do plan to celebrate; sales for items like costumes, candy, and creepy decorations are tracking toward net growth from last October.

But due to and changing norms around social gatherings, we can expect to see some changes. Sales data indicate that more people will choose costumes with masks, opt to express themselves through over-the-top decor, or exploring creative alternatives to traditional trick-or-treating than ever before.聽

Using 溜溜体育直播 Extension, let鈥檚 identify the Halloween costumes and decorations that are shattering sales records on Amazon in 2020.聽聽


Weird 2020 Halloween Costume Trends

Demand for masks for all costumes is up鈥

This year, people may replace face paint with face masks. For instance, a mask has raked in just under $10,000 in revenue this October, and sales of a popular 聽 are up 1,245% in October from its previous bestselling month. A listing for a of clown and skull-themed masks has made an impressive $110,714 in sales this month.聽

People are also taking advantage of costumes that traditionally feature masks. For instance, this ensemble comes with a mask and has already made 852% more in sales this month versus last October.

Generic Halloween-printed masks are a hot item, like this listing for a , already tracking $239,844 in sales for this month. This suggests that people are looking for festive masks, even if they don鈥檛 necessarily match their costume.聽

More shoppers than in years past may choose pared-down costumes this year, reflecting a tendency toward having low-key celebrations at home to minimize social contact. Sales of simple are 424% higher than in October 2019.

…but plague doctor masks are the real trend

Costumes will be very on the nose鈥攅r, beak鈥攖his year, given the popularity of . Last October, sold only 201 units, whereas it鈥檚 sold 2,720 so far this month.

Put on some hand sanitizer聽

Hand sanitizer suits started cropping up on Amazon in late August, and at least three separate listings have each since generated upwards of $22,000 in monthly sales (check out , , and , as pictured below).

Other popular hygiene-related costumes include this set, which has sold 203% more units this month than in October of last year.聽

Dog costumes are officially a bigger deal than people costumes

According to Google Trends, people are now searching for at a greater volume than for mens, womens, unisex, and childrens costumes.聽

It鈥檚 tough to say if this is truly a , but it does seem like the logical conclusion to years of late-October inundated with festively adorned pets.聽

This year, we can look forward to cooing (from across the street) at pooches sporting tiny foam butcher knives (this elaborate has pulled in over $105,000 in monthly revenue), giant Beanie Baby tags ( currently shows $47,543 in monthly sales), and yes, even dog-sized plague doctor masks ( already has 138 sales for October).


Unusual Halloween Decoration Trends for 2020

Socially distanced trick-or-treating infrastructure

Sellers have flooded Amazon with decor and other supplies encouraging a Halloween. Several listings for spooky social distancing have already moved hundreds of units, and rolls of are seeing monthly sales boosts of as much as 662% from last October.聽

Trick-or-treat bags featuring are expected to be popular, as are encouraging kids to stay six feet apart while collecting candy.聽

For those who won鈥檛 go near 2020 trick-or-treaters with a 10-foot pole, may we suggest a 10-foot pipe? After an gravity-powered candy chute went viral last month, a slew of popped up online instructing readers on how to craft their own out of basic hardware supplies. And while there aren鈥檛 any pre-fabricated candy chutes listed on Amazon yet, monthly sales of recommended materials, like and orange duct tape, have shot up by as much as 855% and 2,839%, respectively, since September.聽聽

The CDC has 鈥渢runk-or-treat鈥 gatherings where kids collect candy from cars lined up in a parking lot. However, sales of creepy car decor, like and attachments are going strong.聽聽

Unsettlingly large replicas聽

2020 has taken Halloween decorating to new heights, as seen in the variety of larger-than-life decorations available on Amazon. Take this , which has made $4,500 in sales since October first. Or the currently destroying its October 2017 monthly sales record at $91,410 in revenue for this month.聽

Wildlife enthusiasts can opt for , , or posable nightmare spiders鈥攖hese three listings have pulled in a combined $63,497 this month.


Interesting 2020 Halloween treats

Alternatives to trick-or-treating

Some parents may decide to keep their little ghouls and goblins at home this year in lieu of door-to-door trick-or-treating. They could plan instead for a night of or a haunted backyard . Many of these products are new to market for 2020, but are charting thousands of monthly sales.聽

Treats you can鈥檛 eat聽

As nearly every child will assure you, handing out anything but candy on Halloween (think: toothbrushes, apples) is a bone-chilling offense. This year, though, finding inedible treats in their pillowcases may be unavoidable; sales of small-toy alternatives to candy, like Halloween stickers and slap bracelets, show higher sales figures for 2020 versus 2019. But really, who can say no to a ghostly, glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball? At 1,899 monthly sales so far, are on track to outpace their October 2019 sales figure.聽

If regular caramel apples have always left you wanting for glamour, consider mounting this year鈥檚 batch on bedazzled skewers. Candy apple 鈥渂ling sticks鈥 are a popular item this month鈥 has already brought in $6,281.聽

Pumpkin spice everything

It wouldn鈥檛 be Halloween season without a mountain of pumpkin spice-themed items to collect, like autumn-apropos , remixed , and . If you think this crosses the line, its $224,465 in October 2020 sales would like a word.聽


Scare us, we dare you

With 溜溜体育直播 data updating every day, we鈥檙e likely to see more and more spine-tingling sales figures appear in the run-up to October 31st.聽

How will you spice up your Halloween in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.聽


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